Thursday, May 29, 2014

Art crime scene investigation

Very excited to introduce the newest member of the art studio, and the first new item purchased with the funds from Kickstarter for setting up the studio in Yorkshire.

One of the goals for the Kickstarter funds is to set up a drawing space. I've been visiting the local Greenwich Auction House each Friday in search of perfect tables or such to convert. I put in a bid last Friday.

And won! A CID (Criminal Investigation Department) box.

This box was clearly used as a general tool box before me, there were a few dremel bits inside. I, of course, saw the most magical drawing box ever!

With separate drawers for different mediums. Sections for random tools like brushes, rulers, sharpeners, grain size cards. A bottom section large enough for white gesso. And a front door that tilts down into a perfect little desk. Plus, all the drawers fully pull out - meaning I can still move around with just my pencils, just the pastels, etc if I want to work at another table, on the floor, or in the garden.

I'm in love.

See the coast paintings
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