Thursday, January 23, 2014

Inside the artist mind

"Wow this path is muddy."
"Haha! This is ridiculous, I'm gonna fall on my butt!"
"Well if I walk on bits of gravel, it's better. Or in the bits with the most water."
"Squelch squelch! Haha!"
"Where the water is is firmer even though it's wettest."
"Squish! Got waterproof socks on, may as well get muddy."

A bit later...

"Ah, look at those cliffs!"
"Nice bedding... Is that sequences? Parasequences? Can't remember."
"Ooh, nice colours!"
"I was here for the OU summer course, should remember this stuff...."

"The red would make a nice paint area..."
"Look over there..."
"Ah, wave ripples in the rock, should put down a coin to show scale..."

"The light reflection pattern is nice. Whoa, that cliff looks amazing from this side."
"Same cliff."
"See, this is why we can't remember any of the sedimentary geology class.."
"Dude, that edge would be a cool painting."
"Yeah... True..."
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