Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New paper for shipwreck and Nab drawing

So back in April a mission for some special paper began...

I visited the Gadget Show with some friends. With no mind for art materials, I was there to find cool gadgets, a gaming chair, and maybe a bit of robot gossip.

The youngest of our group immediately dragged me over to the stand of a paper company - a bit strange for a gadget show, but she'd bought their notebooks last year.

Parax Paper make paper out of limestone. Yes, paper made of stone! It's definitely different, and my immediate reaction was that this would be amazing for geologists in the field (it's waterproof and you can draw and erase while it's under water) as well as artists. (cycling and sketching in the British weather, not that I'd know anything about that...)

At the show I mentioned the idea of marketing to artists and geologists, with larger and unlined books. But from the website I can see that they seem aimed at a more corporate audience. (Geologists take note though, they do have a great little notebook that's lined on one side and blank on the reverse, perfect for notes and sketches.)

Beginning of the wreck drawing
So I emailed asking about larger pieces. Then I emailed through the website. Then finally I thought, why not email the woman who sent me my receipt from the Gadget Show? Bingo! I got a lovely email from Paris offering to let me buy some end pieces they could find.

It was hard to contain my excitement. After all, I'm drawing and painting limestone cliffs!

So I've been experimenting with drawing materials, and one of the first drawings is my own version of the spot I visited with Karen Ruffles - the shipwreck on the scar with Black Nab in the background. (not limestone in this case, but I hope you'll forgive me)

Struggling with the watercolour pencil washes
This paper does some weird things. Water soluble pencils are fun, since the paper is waterproof. Even regular pencils do weird things and every weight makes the same darkness of marks. For fine lines I had to put aside the H pencils and grab grey coloured pencils. It's hard to tear, but once in a while a hole is easy to punch through with a point. (oops!)

Final uncropped drawing of the wreck and Black Nab
So this particular drawing was experimenting with every kind of pencil I have. Normal pencils of all weights, coloured pencils, and Derwent Graphitone. Some water, brushes and paper towels... and I think I'm getting the hang of it!

I have a whole series of drawings on the go now, intended for both the Derwent Art Prize and Fabric of the Land competitions. (for other artists, the Jerwood Drawing Prize entries are also due soon)

Close up detail of the drawing

See the coast paintings tina-m.com
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