Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Green spaces for Amnesty - landscape paintings for charity

Usually I have an annual tax bill fundraising sale in January or July. Fortunately this year I don't need to! So instead I've decided to put my usual small special batch of work on eBay auctions for charity.

Now, usually you don't get to see anything political from me but recent events in Turkey have brought human rights to the attention of those of us in Europe and beyond... Civilian protests started as a standoff about the last park in Istanbul being marked for building construction. Since the initial violence against peaceful protestors, there were reports that the Turkish government would start cracking down on social media users to stop news getting out.  Both the actual reports and now lack of communication coming from Turkey add up to worry.

An organisation helping get updates out to the public is Amnesty International who have staff in Istanbul. I have supported Amnesty for a long time, though I admit to letting my membership lapse more than once due to finances. (including this year, alas - but at least I can pay my tax bill! yay!) Right now public awareness of the government actions is one of the most important steps to changing what is happening and if you'd like updates here's Amnesty's news updates page: http://www.amnesty.org/en/region/turkey
and a link to the petition being presented to the Turkish government: http://www.amnesty.org/en/appeals-for-action/Turkey_Protests

Green Spaces for Amnesty

So I created 12 little paintings specifically with Turkey in mind - Green Spaces. All 10cm x 10cm (4"x4") landscapes with shades of green and spacious skies.

Of course AI does far more good work than just in the Turkey situation. The auctions will benefit Amnesty International UK as a whole. So the funds will support their work defending human rights all over the world, helping fight torture, illegal detention, and discrimination. Amnesty does great work here at home in the UK (and the USA, if that's where you are!) too.

And 100% of these auction purchases goes to charity. All of it.

So have a look at the little landscapes, bid often and bid high.
Take home a little green space to help those who may not have any.

See the coast paintings tina-m.com
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