Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The slow sea

This week I'm indulging in some undramatic sea... the quiet calm of Seasalter along the Thames estuary. Tides here go out and it's mud and cockles all the way to the Isle of Sheppey - miles of river bed.

The water is so still this morning that you can actually see the snail tracks in the silt under the water.

It matches my mood. Summer is approaching which means my energy levels are falling, my brain wants to shut down. Sunlight starts headaches. In this sense I'm the opposite of most people who thrive in the light!

For now, this seaside trip is actually not particularly for painting. My friend Lizz and I needed to do our year-end accounting so thought, why not bring it to the sea? So a giant suitcase of paperwork, laptops and harddrives... and we're snug working away in a caravan. But with the water and nice walks on the doorstep.

I'm going to channel the spirit of that one little snail on the rock in the photo. He's holding on and just getting on with things until the water rises again.

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