Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Studio reading and research - a monthly goal

Reading is one of my most important research activities. In the past I've neglected it, "saving" good art books for when I had a nice solid period to read them. Like on my trip to New Jersey when I took a small library.

But that trip actually taught me that it's when I'm reading that my mind is working more and finds more connections (or disconnections) between the reading and my own artwork. So reading is vital to the evolution of creative work!

In the new year I made the resolution to read one art book and one non-art non-fiction book each month. This satisfies both my need for research reading and my craving for academic reading. (because I haven't decided yet what the next degree with be!)

My May reading is a bit more of a mishmash than previous months. I decided the art books will be three instead of one: I'm going to catch up on some art catalogues that have been waiting in the studio. They're not as text-intensive and I'm going to aim for reading one a week - taking into consideration I'll be away for a week doing my accounting in a caravan on the seaside!

The non-fiction books ties in nicely with a mural/installation I've assisted on at Essex Wildlife Trust's Thurrock Thameside Nature Park, where salt was part of the historical research and a main element of riverside industry since Roman times.

So May's books are:

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