Thursday, May 09, 2013

My favourite colour: pthalo blue, green shade

Most artists have a go-to colour on their palette. "Favourite" gives it a bit of emotional context, but for me it means I love that colour but also the amazing variations it can produce!

This past couple of years Pthalo Blue (green shade) has been that colour! There is also a red shade, which actually is made from a different pigment and has a different colour.

Azure Light - light sky blue reflections
Pthalo Blue green shade is like a strange child of the violet-ish ultramarine blue + sky-blue cerulean blue. It's intense but brighter than cerulean. It's a much stronger colour than either ultramarine or cerulean, which means you only need a little bit of it in mixtures.

Meditando - strong clear blue water and pale light

I can make lovely blue skies mixing it with white. Brilliant clear water on its own. Mix it with almost any green for a perfect turquoise. Or with magenta for a great range of purples. To me it feels like the colour of summer, and the colour of deep water.

At Fisherman's Pier - a soft blue-ish turquoise

Through the Nab - ranges of purples

Do you have a favourite colour? In your paint, or in the work on your walls?

All of these paintings mainly used Pthalo Blue (GS) in their making!

Mezzogiorno - a soft greenish turquoise light

See the coast paintings
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