Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Reflecting on the new studio

Finally a photo of the new studio! Well, not quite a new studio - rather, the old studio.

Back in June 2012 I relocated the studio from the industrial space in Woolwich back to a room in the house, due to a combination of financial, health and restlessness reasons. (ie. "I've been here 3 years, I want to move!")

So here's a photo of the "new" space! It's organised quite differently than last time I was here. Instead of plastic sheeting on the floor I now have plastic coverings with fabric-textured surface with nice wool rugs on top. And of course my two full-spectrum fluorescent strip lights were moved here, too. (these are free-moving rather than ceiling mounted since I wired them up myself)

Most dramatic though is that when in this space before my palette was a piece of framing glass on top of a moveable kitchen trolley. Now my palette is a full glass door on top of trestles!

Another change is that about 1/3rd of the space used to be painting storage, and now I've tried to keep that to a bare minimum just in the back corner. The rest are, unfortunately, in a couple shelving units in my bedroom! But as every artist knows, the only precious space is studio space.

It's odd, going from nearly 300 square feet back to 100 square feet. But my largest paintings I've ever made were 120cm x 150cm, and the first of those - from the Isle of Wight series - were done in this very room. So I need to stand back, perhaps not quite as far as I could, and remember that the size of the room won't diminish the size of the paintings.

Blackgang, Beyond
Acrylic on canvas, 120cm x 150cm
from the Isle of Wight series

See the coast paintings tina-m.com
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