Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas is a great work week

Today is the last day with my housemate before he goes off for a bit of Christmas family time, and I lock myself in the studio for a week.

Housemate away means I can give in to my natural night-owl tendencies and work late into the evening. My studio is next to his room so usually I try to quit by 9pm so I don't keep him away with loud banging and brushing. Working on my canvases means I brush hard and fast, and they usually rattle against the wall.

My flock
Me and my flock of penguins
in World of Warcraft
After hours I can play World of Warcraft on the sofa without headphones and with my noisy clicky mouse. And eat panettone - essentially my entire Christmas diet! yum! (not had it? Try it! Have some with coffee, you can toast and butter it, or even make a posh bread pudding)

And in the "mornings" (generally nearly-noon for me) I'll lie on the floor and map out my 2013 business plan. Maybe type some receipts into the accounting software.

Basically, work can expand and take over the whole house for 6 days!

I love Christmas. :D

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