Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thorness Tide - images of painting in progress

The second painting in progress:

Thorness Tide

Harking back to ideas from my cycle around the Isle of Wight, I was struck by a photo of the low tide at Thorness, where I was staying in a cottage. The early morning light was reflecting off the water and also casting a gold hue on the exposed bright green seaweed.

This painting startedmainly with dark tones, the intention being to lighten as I go and keep those currents of pink, yellow and green underneath. The 'yellow' is actually gold paint so shimmers if viewed from the right angle.

First layers of paitning - darks and gold paint

Subsequent layers of paint - putting on white and light, repeating the gold.

This painting, it turns out, is the failure of the group of three. After doing these coats of light I pulled off the tape - which I put on intending to create strips of deep dark green on the foreshore and horizon. Unfortunately these strips were far too wide. It now looks very similar to Scale Nab, an older Yorkshire coast painting. Not what I'm aiming for.
Scale Nab, acrylic on canvas, 70cm x 80cm

So when I'm back in the studio again after my trip to Scarborough I'll reexamine the "stripes" in the new painting and see if I can pull the colour down and soften the edges.

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