Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The joys of being a minion

Today I got a present!

Isn't he awesome!?! He's so green and fluffy I'm gonna die!

I've named him Oogle.

Oogle is a present from Elizabeth Schuch, who worked as a producer on a Google gig here in London last week.

So I presume it's for being a good minion. :)

As you probably know by now, I'm a big advocate of doing whatever jobs you need to do to keep the studio business going. An art career is a choice, and it's an unpredictable income. Sometimes a bit extra income helps.

I've done lots of things over the years - gallery assistant, artist web designer, partner in a giclee publisher biz, art photographer, teaching artists Photoshop, commercial magazine layouts... and now I'm a studio assistant at Immortal Longings - products adorned with Shakespeare illustrations by Elizabeth (Lizz, really).

While this might seem a distracting way to run an artist business, really I've have the "side jobs" as part time and that has always ensured the studio and painting can keep running full time. Many artists do other jobs to keep steady income, particularly teaching art, so instead I chose to do things I like instead of art teaching. (teaching art isn't making art so I see no difference between that and any other part-time work someone might prefer)

Thank you Lizz for letting me be a minion. It's really quite fun. (managing someone else's artwork is far easier than managing my own) And I get yummy dinners a lot of the time on top of my wages. And thanks to Google for giving her the fluffy toy so she could give it to meeeee.....yay!

Right, it's a minion day so I have some Shakespeare prints to pack now...

(oh and if you haven't seen it and don't know the references, Despicable Me is a must watch film)

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