Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Winter fruits - seasons and painting

Autumn is settling in, though here in England we really only have two seasons - a couple weeks of summer, and then rainy everything else (ie. 11 months).

The clocks change this weekend and I'm one of the lone souls looking forward to it.

I don't need to tell you I'm a winter person, and a night owl. You know that! Grey drizzly weather gets me going, and winter is my most prolific season.

Last week I bought an iTunes album of thunderstorms - I love it! I already have a rain album, waves album, and thunderstorm album but the last one was sort of rainforest-y and the bird noises were rather annoying. Now I know we do have parakeets in England (a strange sort of import that escaped and now they chirp from London trees), but our rain isn't really rainforest rain. I like more of a white-noise type rain with awesome thunder.

I also bought a new jumper - yes, really new! not secondhand! - in Hereford last week. It was in the sale though, £11. 100% Scottish wool. mmmm, lovely. (Why would I pay full price? That would just be silly.)

It's super bright pink and will be my 24/7 jumper in the house and studio. The neckwarmer/scarves will have to come out this week too I think - I wear these all day in the house too. Our house is very cold, though luckily the studio is the warmest room since it's upstairs and gets sunlight (or English-style murky light) all afternoon.

Looking forward to many happy hours painting now - warm and cozy with audio rain.

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Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Yay for the sound of rain! Not yay for the grey whiteout light for me.... but double yay for the winter woollies that we get to wear!!!

Best wishes for a productive week.

Tina Mammoser said...

I've bought my first new pair of fingerless gloves for working. :) Have a good week!

Twomey said...

I love the rain! I've also got a Cd of 'the sea' and It's like painting on board a ship!

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