Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Winter fruits - seasons and painting

Autumn is settling in, though here in England we really only have two seasons - a couple weeks of summer, and then rainy everything else (ie. 11 months).

The clocks change this weekend and I'm one of the lone souls looking forward to it.

I don't need to tell you I'm a winter person, and a night owl. You know that! Grey drizzly weather gets me going, and winter is my most prolific season.

Last week I bought an iTunes album of thunderstorms - I love it! I already have a rain album, waves album, and thunderstorm album but the last one was sort of rainforest-y and the bird noises were rather annoying. Now I know we do have parakeets in England (a strange sort of import that escaped and now they chirp from London trees), but our rain isn't really rainforest rain. I like more of a white-noise type rain with awesome thunder.

I also bought a new jumper - yes, really new! not secondhand! - in Hereford last week. It was in the sale though, £11. 100% Scottish wool. mmmm, lovely. (Why would I pay full price? That would just be silly.)

It's super bright pink and will be my 24/7 jumper in the house and studio. The neckwarmer/scarves will have to come out this week too I think - I wear these all day in the house too. Our house is very cold, though luckily the studio is the warmest room since it's upstairs and gets sunlight (or English-style murky light) all afternoon.

Looking forward to many happy hours painting now - warm and cozy with audio rain.

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