Friday, March 19, 2010

The morning after the Dark

The Dark exhibition opened last night to good weather, a nice crowd, and much complimenting of the work. Which thrilled me no end because I'm just so excited about the direction of this new work! And even long-time friends were surprised by the printmaking in the show - tiny drypoint etchings are an unexpected complement to the huge canvases.

The most wonderful comments, for any artist, are always from people who've seen your work over time who say you've made a new progression. And another visitor said I should call them the "Not Black" paintings when I pointed out that no black paint was actually used. If you'd like to hear more about the ideas behind the Black/storm paintings you can listen to my last podcast:

About the Darkness
Duration: 8min11sec, 7.M5b
Click to listen:

Dark continues until March 27th, and I'm very nearby (the studio is 15 minutes away, home is 2 minutes away) so if you would like to see the show and meet me just send me a message on email and I'll gladly pop over to meet you.

The last day of the show is also a (public) private view: a Saturday tea party to celebrate taking-down day. Tea, homemade cakes, and more wine from 12-2pm.

On exhibition through 27 March 2010

Paul McPherson Gallery
77 Lassell Street, London SE10 9PJ

"Taking Down" day tea and biscuits:
Saturday 27th March, 12-2pm

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